Network Solutions Briefs: Concord, Western Digital, WAP

Concord reaps top results from local oppsConcord crowned Australia as its fastest growing region in Q1 after the network fault and systems management vendor posted a 183 per cent growth for Q2. The increase, weighted against the previous quarter, was strong enough to register on the global Richter with vice president of worldwide sales, Daniel Sheahan expressing astonishment at the opportunities the region presented. Much of the success was attributed to a recent deal with IP service provider, COMindico. Concord's revenue for the quarter hit $21.6 million, a 6 percent increase from revenue of $20.4 million in the prior quarter. The company has installed former Solution 6 executive Darren Adams as managing director for Asia Pacific and Japan.

WD ships personal storage

Western Digital will ship its high capacity desktop EIDE hard drive within the month. A7200 RPM three-platter model, offers 100GB of digital storage. The new WD Caviar is the latest result of the PC storage vendor's charter to maximise desktop computer performance for massive personal storage such as sophisticated business applications, digital video editing, music, movies and photography.

Developers slam WAP

The next generation of digital mobile phone technology could bankrupt application developers, makers and telcos, according to Internet consultant Tom Worthington, director of TomW Communications. Worthington slammed wireless application protocol (WAP) and 3G as commercial flops that have stalled the development of high-speed mobile phone technology. He claims the new wave of wireless Web devices should utilise the existing mobile phone bandwidth and simply adapt existing Web standards. The same technology is compatible with the new Australian standard for interactive digital television, meaning local developers can get the jump on major companies, Worthington said.