Commulynx merges with Red Zed Technologies

Merger will see no change to services offered or staff cuts
Commulynx will merge with Red Zed Technologies.

Commulynx will merge with Red Zed Technologies.

After five months of negotiations, Commulynx has announced plans to merge with fellow systems integrator, Red Zed Technologies.

Commulynx managing director, Stephen Knights, said his company had quality personnel but was finding access to stable customers difficult.

Red Zed’s long-term client base would fill that gap and lead to expansion, he said.

Red Zed Technologies provides solutions and services for SMEs and larger corporations on a departmental basis.

Knights said the focus will be to keep services for Red Zed and Commulynx running with minimal to no changes on the existing services offered, or to staff numbers.

“If anything we probably need to expand further because both businesses are pretty busy. They add their Nortel relationship with their phone systems which is an extra capability that we don’t have," Knights said.

“But the best complement is the fact that they give us more stable customers. We bring a lot of project work and they have a lot of steady maintenance-type customers.”

Invoices from the merged venture, expected to be completed over the next six months, will come from Commulynx.