Security vendor looks to improve IT capabilities with partners

BQT Solutions looks to capitalise on convergence between security and IT

ASX-listed security company, BQT Solutions (ASX: BQT), is looking to improve its IT capabilities to address convergence between physical security and IT.

BQT group CEO, Anastasios Angeloglou, said the company, which is 80 per cent channel driven in Australia, will expand its IT-based security portfolio over the next few years.

“The security industry will have to come closer together with IT; over the next couple of years acquisitions will occur from one side to the other side. My personal goal for BQT is to acquire these skills in the coming two years, be it through acquisitions or partnerships,” Angeloglou said.

The vendor recently acquired 80 per cent of Middle Eastern integration company, Zahra Technology, as part of its global strategy of convergence.

“These days the level of convergence, with telecoms, networks and IT, is surprising. Distributors of security products will at the same time be distributing routers, PCs, software and so on,” Angeloglou claimed. “We’re in a world of convergence today and security products are interfaced with company internal functional systems.”

Locally BQT is represented by Videoman, which operates in five states, and National Security and Surveillance. Angeloglou said it was now working on marketing initiatives through partners.

“The one thing we don’t do well is we have such great technologies but we don’t do a lot of marketing,” he said.