Veritech launches with SMC roadshow

A new distributor heralded its arrival to the Australian market with a roadshow in Sydney late last month. Veritech Australia showcased a range of networking products from its distribution agreement with US-based SMC Networks.

Located in regional NSW, Veritech launched last year to provide distribution, consulting and design services around SMC's range of wireless security and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) products.

Livio Mazzon, technical director of Veritech Australia, demonstrated two products at the Sydney launch: SMC's EliteConnect Secure Server and the TigerAccess VoIP Gateway.

The EliteConnect Secure Server sits between wireless access points and a company's internal network. It acts as a "bastion" or firewall securing the LAN from hackers trying to penetrate the network via wireless roaming.

The TigerAccess VoIP Gateway is designed for SMEs to leverage corporate-grade IP telephony at a fraction of the cost or complexity of other solutions, according to Mazzon.

Veritech has already established an alliance with Leading Edge Internet Group, a buying consortium of 62 independent ISPs, and is seeking tier-one resellers and system integrators to push the SMC range.

Michael Calculli, country manager for SMC Networks, is currently planning a review of the company's reseller program in an attempt to gain wider geographic coverage and increase incentives for the vendor's partners.

Veritech joins IT Wholesale and ASI Solutions as SMC distributors.