After Hours: Astron Technology business manager of enterprise systems, Simon Hadwin

My favourite book or movie… I like to read but most of the time I have to admit to watching instead of reading. Favourite book recently was The One That Got Away by Chris Ryan. It presents a very interesting take on a well known incident involving the British SAS in Iraq. I also enjoyed the last series of Spooks.

If I could go anywhere… it would be Sumatra or some out of the way place where the ecosystem and environment are intact. There are so few places left on earth like that – it must be amazing to be so far off the beaten track.

If I wasn’t doing this job… I would probably be an accountant, my previous career, or something to do with the ocean. I’m a keen scuba diver and I really enjoy being near the ocean.

The person I most admire… This is a tough one as there are so many people I admire that I find it hard to easily single out an individual. Possibly the group of people I admire most are those who dedicate their lives to selflessly improving the lot of others. It takes a lot to turn your back on your own requirements and dedicate your life to a cause.

I really hate… low-value people in our industry who don’t seem to be around when the hard work needs to be done but magically appear as the accolades get handed out.