Leukaemia Foundation finds golden geese

Channel players from around the country once again volunteered to lose their locks as part of the Leukaemia Foundation's infamous fundraising campaign, the World's Greatest Shave.

Exposing their domes to the rigours of public scrutiny, the channel has displayed unparalleled fearlessness during the ceremony, which is fast becoming something of a rite of passage for the IT supply chain.

Among the characters that lost their crowning glory was Clive Gold, marketing manager for EMC Corporation Australia and New Zealand. EMC raised $5500 for the foundation.

Brisbane-based e-tailer Instant IT also got in on the act, with its managing director John Taylor getting de-fuzzed for the cause. John said "it has become apparent that the people with the least amount of hair are donating the most money. I guess it gives them a kind of sadistic revenge knowing that by Friday afternoon I will have less hair than them!"

Canon staff also copped a fleecing, raising $30,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation.