Mobotix launches partner planning program

IP security camera vendor experiences 180 per cent increase in channel business in the last year
Mobotix's new sales certification and planning program has been launched

Mobotix's new sales certification and planning program has been launched

IP security camera vendor, Mobotix, has launched a new sales certification and planning program for its partners.

The latest training push comes after the vendor chalked up 180 per cent growth in its channel business in the past 12 months. Mobotix regional director, Graham Wheeler, attributed the growth to educating and training partners.

“The challenge is to keep everyone educated. We’ve been through a bit of a revamp recently and we’ve just re-launched our sales certification training and a new planning program,” he said. “IT people know how to put up big cameras, how to make the network work, but they haven’t thought about how to actually plan and secure a building.”

Wheeler said the planning program involved training partners on positioning cameras within certain areas of a site to get the best security outcome.

The vendor has 50 certified partners in the region. Wheeler said he would like to have 100 trained partners within the year that covered all types of vertical markets including mining and retail.

The vendor has also hired a new business development manager, Dean Hobin, to help build the vendor’s channel business.

Hobin previously worked for Time and Focus, which sold security products.

“He will help us service this market a lot better,” Wheeler said.

Mobotix has also opened up a new office in NSW this month, which will be equipped with a demonstration room and presentation facility.

“The new facility will feature all of our cameras and we will be able to do partner training,” Wheeler said.