Cisco to detail storage networking initiative

Networking giant Cisco Systems will announce its move into the storage networking market during the Storage Networking World conference in Palm Desert, California, on Monday.

The announcements will include Cisco's first storage network products and components of the initiative, as well as which customers and companies will be involved with the plans, according to an advisory issued by the company.

"They're going to go after the space they're familiar with, which is router and switch componentry," said John Webster, an analyst with US-based analyst firm Illuminata, who was briefed by Cisco regarding the announcement. Webster would only say that the customer and company announcements would include "familiar names."

The announcement will be the first step into an era of IP (Internet Protocol) storage, Webster said, but it will not be a question of IP taking over any other particular technology. "It's more of a coexistence of blending technologies," he said.

"You can expect to see a lot of the functionality that they've got in the networking space being driven into the storage fabric," Webster said.