KITBAG: What's new? Internet appliances

Philips Internet Radio FW-i1000

The Internet Radio Mini Shelf System uses a broadband connection to stream audio and provide access to more than 1000 Internet radio stations. The FW-i1000 relies on the high bit-rate of its audio streams as well as its many sound enhancement features such as wOOx speaker technology to provide high quality audio. No Australian release date has been announced yet.

LG Internet Washing Machine

This is claimed to be the first digital washing machine capable of downloading new washing cycles from the Internet. LG says that ultimately it will be possible to control and monitor the washing machine's operation from a remote location. It is expected on the market sometime in 2002.

LG Internet Fridge

Here's a 730-litre, stainless steel, side-by-side fridge with a computer that can be accessed via a 37-centimetre touch-screen LCD. Users can watch TV (even using a VCR or DVD player), listen to MP3 music, take and store digital photos, make a video phone-call, use the fridge as a digital message board, and of course, surf the Web. Information about the food in the fridge is also stored, and a map of the fridge allows the consumer to keep an inventory of what foods are in each section and how many days they've been there.

Internet Microwave

This new microwave can access LG's Web site for its Home Network products to download more than 100 recipes, and can store up to 20 frequently used programs in its memory. The Web site (at this stage only available in Korean, but with an English language version soon to come) offers a variety of cooking-related tips and information, including recommended dishes by season, calorie information for dieters, and cooking columns.

HP Jornada 720 (Handheld PC)

The 720 is a Windows PocketPC device that uses a built-in V.90 modem to connect to analogue phone lines. It has a docking cradle for serial cable/USB and can talk to other devices via infrared. HP is currently running trials using Bluetooth wireless connectivity to link the Jornada with GPRS mobile phones.