IT&T job ads fell again in July

Sales and management roles suffer 8 per cent decrease

Online job ads for the IT&T industry fell again in July, according to the Olivier Job Index.

Network communications and security were the hardest hit, falling 10 per cent compared to a year earlier. Sales and management positions were down by 8 per cent.

Software development and engineering roles showed the strongest demand but were still down 2 per cent.

One bright spot was Internet graphics and media, ads for which rose 4.4 per cent.

Olivier director, Robert Olivier, said the declining number of advertised positions related mostly to full-time roles as opposed to contract work.

"IT is getting caught up in the economic woe," he said. "It's suffering worse than many other industries, which is a surprise. I don't think in the short- to medium-term there's going to be much respite.

"Big organisations are probably going to slow down their hiring. I don't think there's going to be any mass retrenchments, but there will certainly be cooling off in demand."

In June Job ads in the IT sector dropped by 8.8 per cent.