Voodoo Tech gets it on with eRoom

It's the collaborative software tool used in the BHP/Billiton and Compaq/HP mergers. Now an Australian systems integrator has signed up to resell the software into vertical markets across the country.

Voodoo Tech joins EDS and Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu as eRoom Technology channel partners. Voodoo Tech intends to bundle the eRoom software as part of its Integrating, Information & Technology (iiT) branded offering.

Voodoo Tech's iiT solution incorporates business intelligence, document management, imaging and workflow applications.

Voodoo Tech also plans to develop tailored eRoom applications based on specific business processes within multiple industries. These tailored applications will include project management applications for managing mergers and acquisitions, tender responses and other large-scale collaborative projects, according to a statement released by the company.eRoom enables multiple users regardless of location to access a project folder, view its contents and make changes both in real time and at their leisure. The product is part of a new category of Web-based collaborative software emerging in the US and around the world.eRoom is currently in the process of signing up additional partners across the Asia-Pacific region. Giora Friede, managing director of eRoom Technology Asia-Pacific, said the company is looking for systems integrators working in specific vertical markets such as manufacturing and construction. Partners can either resell the software as is the case with Voodoo Tech, or host the software and provide it as a managed service.