Gaming becomes big player

Growth hits double digits, although fails to match other value-added entertainment
  • Len Rust (Computerworld)
  • 07 July, 2008 11:23

Worldwide mobile gaming revenue is on pace to total $US4.5 billion in 2008, a 16.1 per cent increase from 2007 revenue of $US3.9 billion, according to Gartner. While mobile gaming revenue will continue to lag behind other value-added entertainment services -- such as music and adult content -- the market still has much potential.

"Although current consumer interest in, and usage of, mobile gaming is generally low, the potential for growth remains lucrative, with the market skewed toward lower-income segments, mobile workers, and smartphone and personal digital assistant (PDA) users," said Tuong Huy Nguyen, a principal analyst with Gartner.

Len Rust is publisher of The Rust Report