Comcast hit by vandals; end to HP scandal

Notes from the field

Throttle this: Bit Torrent blocking Comcast got an education in the ways of the Net recently when hackers gained access to the ISP's domain name records and redirected traffic to a vandalised site. Teenage hackers with the handles "Defiant" and "EBK" owned the site for several hours. According to a report in Wired: "...the intrusion gave the pair control of over 200 domain names owned by Comcast. They changed the contact information for one of them,, to Defiant's email address; for the street address, they used the 'Dildo Room' at '69 Dick Tard Lane'".

The same digital delinquents are "connected to recent defacement of the profiles of Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff and Tila Tequila", according to a security researcher (I believe CEO, Brian Roberts, dated Tila Tequila once, though I may be confusing him with Chad or Bo). Memo to Comcast: Don't think of it as vandalism, think of it as creative "traffic management".

This call may be monitored for quality assurance: It seems the Hollywood cliche about private eyes always being down on their luck is really true. Investigators hired by HP to spy on reporters in 2005 have been fined $US67,000 by the FTC for illegally obtaining phone records. But the company, Action Research Group, is kaput and its principals are apparently broke, so the FTC settled for a $US3000 fine. Two other private dicks who worked for Action Research have been levied fines of $US428K and $US110K respectively; we'll see if they plead poverty as well. Meanwhile, former HP chair, Patty Dunn, the alleged instigator of the spy ring, walked away untouched. So is that what they mean when they say "crime doesn't pay"?