What's new from: PC Guardian, CA, NetIQ, Symantec

PC Guardian

PC Guardian offers a range of products that can encrypt full hard disks, folders, files, e-mail, bundled file attachments and CD-ROMs, for small to large businesses. Heading the product suite is the Encryption Plus Hard Disk software, which provides automatic data protection on notebooks and desktop computers using the Blowfish algorithm. The system uses a privacy code, a master password, an optional local administrator password, and a generic user password to localise which areas of the system are accessible.

Encryption Plus Hard Disk is priced at $219.89 (inc GST) for 1-50 users.

Janteknology: (02) 9659 1888.

Computer Associates eTrust InoculateIT

Also known as eTrust Antivirus, eTrust InoculateIT reduces virus infections, simplifies and automates updating, eases administration and enforces security polices. The product's centralised event log and alert notifies the administrator of all critical virus incidents from any server in the environment. eTrust InoculateIT is backed by CA's global virus research centres, which monitor around the clock for new threats (one of which is located in Melbourne).

The eTrust InoculateIT 6.0 for Windows Workgroup Edition 5 Client pack is priced at around $410.00.

Computer Associates: 1800 999 985.

NetIQ Security Manager

NetIQ's Security Manager has an add-on antivirus module, which forms part of its overall security package. The suite allows real-time security monitoring, host-based intrusion detection, policy-based security configuration management and automated incident response. According to NetIQ, it integrates with Network Associates/McAfee, Symantec/Norton and Trend Micro products.

NetIQ's Security Manager for Windows 2000 and NT is priced at $1800 per server. The console is priced at $5000. The antivirus module costs an additional $300 per server and $30 per workstation.

NetIQ: (02) 9959 1973.

Symantec Norton AntiVirus

The current best-seller in AV software, Norton AntiVirus's latest version repairs many virus infections automatically without interrupting workflow and scans and cleans incoming and outgoing messages. In addition, the 2002 release sports a new, user-friendly interface which integrates more tightly with Windows Explorer, allowing users to access many of its functions from the Windows Explorer toolbar.

Norton AntiVirus 2002 is priced at $109 (including GST).

Symantec: 1800 680 026.