Wintel company to push Macs in SA

Apple has chosen a South Australian Windows PC manufacturer, Microbits, to sell Apple computers in the corporate, education and government market. Microbits has set up an Apple Support Team, which provides Apple expertise to schools and universities throughout South Australia and to provide Apple computers to people who don't want to use PCs, a company spokesperson said.

The company has provided Wintel systems for the education market since former teacher Max Mentiplay founded it in 1983. But now Apple, a popular computer system with educators, will open up additional business opportunities for Microbits, according to Carol Phillips, a former teacher and senior account manager of the new Microbits Apple Support Team, which will focus on delivering total solutions to schools and universities. Phillips said Apple technology fits into any IT environment and stands apart because of its innovation and ease of use.

"A characteristic of Apple technology is that it lets students work independently and collaboratively over a range of IT tasks using different programs, all within the same lesson," she said. "Apple technology is designed with qualitative curriculum delivery in mind, which means teachers don't need to focus on the technology when using Apple in a classroom. We're keen to develop awareness of Apple in schools and sites that have not used Apple before."

Microbits already has a significant presence within South Australia's education, corporate and government markets and intends to focus on these areas with its Apple push, Phillips said. Its Windows background means it can integrate Apple's key strengths into various environments, she added.