HeatherTech partners with e-mail specialist

Thin-client integrator HeatherTech has added e-mail management to its portfolio of services after signing on as a partner for UK-based KVS.

KVS's core product is an e-mail management and storage tool for Microsoft Exchange users. Enterprise Vault enables companies with a large number of Exchange seats to set policies on how e-mails are archived, retrieved and shared.

E-mails are moved out of Exchange and put into online "Vault" stores, optionally leaving pointer files behind from which users can view or restore the original items. Using compression algorithms, the amount of data that can be stored in these vaults is considerably less than if the items remained on the Exchange server or were stored elsewhere, according to Peter Parker, KVS vice president of international sales.

HeatherTech joins Logical, Dimension Data and Datacom IT as KVS Business Alliance Partners in Australia.