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Upsonic's Power Guardian Series offers line-interactive UPS designed for the SOHO business operator. Not only does the range protect against power disturbances, it also monitors similar problems that can enter through telephone or modem connections. The Power Guardian Range provides automatic voltage regulation (AVR) with ‘busk and boost' technology. If there is a sudden increase in voltage, the UPS is designed to "buck it down" to normal levels, and similarly if the power supply drops off the UPS will "boost up" the flow. Surge, spike and noise protection is bundled with UPS Commander monitoring software and Internet line protection. The Power Guardian is specifically designed for non-critical applications such as home PCs and cash registers.

The Power Guardian comes in two models, with the choice of either a black or white finish. The Power Guardian PG-325 325VA retails for approximately $196.90 and the Power Guardian PG-500 500VA retails for approximately $225.50. All prices include GST.

Upsonic: (03) 9706 0045,


The Tripp-Lite Smart Internet 500 Standby UPS offers between five and 17 minutes back up, depending on the load and phone line protection for smooth internet connectivity.

Designed for SOHO and SME environments, Tripp Lite's Internet Office 500 UPS System covers the entire computer set-up, including power-hungry peripherals. Tripp Lite suggests the product is suited to critical and non-critical devices such as home PCs with modems, network workstations, home-office workstations, small-business servers, hubs, routers and point-of-sale terminals.

Battery backup of 500 VA maintains Internet connectivity, allowing the end user to work online throughout short blackouts or safely shut down during longer ones.

The product design features six outlets (three UPS and surge and three surge only), diagnostic LEDs and a built-in serial port that works with optional PowerAlert Software to provide automatic unattended shutdown. Built-in RJ11 jacks prevent surges from damaging your modem/fax equipment on two lines simultaneously. A 1.8 metre telephone cord is also included. Three diagnostic LEDs indicate AC present, on battery and battery low/replace battery replacement door.

The offering is completed with SNMP compatible surge protection, EMI/RFI noise filtering and free PowerAlert Unattended Shutdown Software available from Web download.

Tripp-Lite Smart Internet 500 Standby UPS is available in Australia from distributors Microtech and retails for $283 (incl GST). Reseller pricing is available via the Microtech Web site:

Microtech: (02) 9648 1818, Tripp Lite: (02) 9349 7581,


Designed for the SMB environment, the new MGE UPS Ellipse Premium 500 provides professional power protection for workstations and small servers.

According to MGE, the Ellipse Premium Range is designed to offer power protection solutions at an affordable price, that are easy to install and use on every server and workstation. Targeted at a networked environment, the pulsar Ellipse Premium UPS protects data, information exchange and Internet connections.

The Ellipse Premium 500 features automatic voltage regulation, a wide input-voltage range, and software adjustable thresholds. Standard peripherals such as laser printers that require surge protection are also offered. A compact sealed lead-acid battery with a battery charge operates from the moment the product is plugged in. This replaces battery indicators and provides four-hour deep-discharge protection.

The model comes complete with power management, Solution-Pac software supplied on CD-ROM and covers communication protection through RJ45 network protection.

The Ellipse Premium 500 offers an input voltage range of between 160-264 V (adjustable to 150-264 V on both the USB and S models). Output voltage is 230 V on battery power (adjustable to 220 V, 230V and 240V on both the USB and S models. Input and output frequency is 50/60Hz (auto sensing) and there is a reset protection (circuit breaker).

MGE UPS offerings are manufactured in France in accordance with ISO 9001 standards in an ISO 14001-certified factory.

The MGE UPS Ellipse Premium 500 is distributed through Siltek Asia Pacific, BBF Components & Peripherals, Conexus and Powerhouse Qld.

MGE UPS: (02) 9877 6344,


Set for release at the end of June, the APC Back-UPS ES 350 and Back-UPS ES 500 has been designed specifically for the SOHO environment. The models provide continuous power and hardware protection for desktops and peripherals with country specific outlets and offer a range of standard features including file saving, auto-shutdown software as well as telephone/fax/modem and DSL line surge protection to stop all ‘back-door' surges.

Despite their compact size, the Back-UPS ES 350 (350VA) and Back-UPS ES 500 (500VA) incorporate five high-powered outlets, three of which provide battery backup while all five offer high-performance surge protection. USB connectivity is a standard feature and allows the user to configure file saving and auto-shutdown with the UPS software. Back-UPS ES 350 and Back-UPS ES 500 also offer power management for a variety of operating systems such as Macintosh OS9 and all versions of Windows.

The new models are designed to be simple to use and easy to maintain. Self-diagnostics, push-button overload reset and intelligent battery management are standard features. Designed to maximise battery performance, the battery management feature continuously monitors the battery and will notify the user when the battery needs replacing. The long-lasting battery is user replaceable, allowing the user to save costs while extending the life of the UPS. Other features include user configurable transfer points, visual and audible alarms for overload, low battery, and on-battery indicator.

As the Back-UPS ES 350 and 500 models will not be released until the end of June, pricing is not yet available. The offerings will be distributed through Express Data, Tech Pacific, Anixter and Ingram Micro.

APC: (02) 8923 9323,


Liebert's PowerSure ProActive extends the PowerSure product family into the SOHO and SME markets by offering mini-tower power protection products in 350VA, 470VA and 700VA sizes with enhanced features over the standard PowerSure.

The PowerSure ProActive range offers frequency auto-sensing (50Hz or 60Hz) and cost-effective power protection for PC, point-of-sale and other equipment.

Positioned squarely between the PowerSure and the PowerSure Interactive, the PowerSure ProActive takes off-line (square-wave) technology and adds automatic voltage regulation (AVR or "buck and boost"). The feature's set and pricing not only puts this product in the middle of our current product offering, it is also positioned to split the competitions' products.

In an off-line UPS (standby UPS) the inverterconverter turns on (switches) in order to make the battery power available. On battery, the UPS provides power to the connected load in an approximated sine wave (square wave) compared to the pure sine-wave power provided by the utility company.

In a line-interactive UPS, power voltage is regulated to keep it within a specified range without switching to battery. In extreme conditions, the UPS switches to battery and provides pure sine-wave power to the connected load.

The subtle difference in power output can have devastating effects on sensitive electronic equipment.

The PowerSure ProActive provides the voltage regulation features of a line-interactive unit, but the square-wave power of an off-line unit when on battery.

The PowerSure ProActive is targeted at consumers seeking power-protection that provides cost-effective battery backup and surge suppression for PC, point-of-sale, network and other equipment.

The PowerSure ProActive is currently available through distributors; Alstom IT, Tecksel, Sonnall, Sems, J. Mills Distribution and EFI at an RRP of $320 + GST.

Liebert: 1800 622 274,


Due to be launched next month, the Invensys Powerware 3110 is ideally suited to the SOHO and SME environment. Designed for stand-alone PCs, workstations and point-of-sale equipment, it is available in three models: 250 VA, 425VA and 600VA.

Powerware 3110, a Series 3 UPS protects stand-alone PCs and workstations from the three basic power problems: power failures, power surges and power sags. It does this by filtering incoming utility power to protect from electrical distortion caused by irregularities in utility power.

PW3110 comes complete with Invensys' Software Suite Power Management Software for the 425 and 650 VA models. In the event of prolonged power failure the software will automatically save all work in progress and shut down the operating system in the right order to ensure that no data is lost. The software is designed to work with many operating systems including, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, NetWare, Linux and many Unix variants.

The PW3110 has integrated front panel LED's and audible alarms to keep users well informed of the current UPS status. Other features include outlet configuration, four with uninterruptible power and surge suppression and two with surge suppression only.

Powerware 3110 will be launched in July, and will be distributed through Digiland, MBI and MMD.

Invensys: (02) 9743 8555,