FBI arrests Russian hacker

Dmitry Sklyarov, a Russian programmer at Moscow software firm ElcomSoft, has been arrested by the FBI for developing a piece of software in Russia that circumvents the copyright protection built into Adobe Systems' eBooks.

Sklyarov's software was produced in Moscow, where no law prevents him from developing such a program. Yet the FBI arrested him at his hotel room in Las Vegas after he gave a speech about the software at an IT conference - highlighting some shoddy encryption work by vendors such as Adobe.

In an unrelated and completely unfounded report, a 20-year-old Australian has also been arrested by the FBI while stepping off a jumbo at LAX airport. He has been charged with drinking under the age of 21. A solicitor for Joe Blogg, a Wollongong-based programmer being flown over to the US for some training, said the FBI were not remotely concerned that Blogg was above the legal drinking age in Australia, where he had consumed the alcohol. A Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesperson said this was irrelevant: America's laws should apply to everyone.