Services Briefs: ERG Group, Cisco, Quadtel

OneLink to fight vandals

ASX-listed smart card vendor ERG Group has announced settlement agreements between its subsidiary OneLink Transit Systems and the Victorian Government. The terms will see the State Government make a $20 million payment to OneLink within 10 business days of signing, with $12.4 million flowing directly through to ERG. It is the second instalment of a $65 million staged settlement between OneLink and the Government in relation to a public transport automated ticketing system in Melbourne. Late last year, a report on Victoria's AT System concluded that vandalism was significantly impairing system performance. As part of the settlement, OneLink will receive an additional $3 million each year to manage vandalism.

Putting the boot in

Servers will be able to boot up from a hard disk miles away, potentially improving server reliability and disaster recovery, using technology to be introduced by Cisco Systems. The Network Boot firmware is a new feature for the Cisco SN 5400 Storage Router series. Downloaded to a diskless server, it will allow that server to start up from a disk on an external storage device via iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface), according to Doug Ingraham, a senior marketing manager at Cisco. Network Boot will be available immediately in the latest firmware upgrade to the Cisco SN 5420 and 5428 storage routers and MDS 9000 switches.

Higher, broader education

Retailers and ISPs have to share the responsibility of educating consumers on the benefits of high-speed Internet services to help accelerate uptake, according to Melbourne-based broadband distributor Quadtel. "Retailers need to better inform their customers on the shop floor and ISPs need to advertise their services to potential users and demonstrate to them what broadband will mean to their business," said Dennis Orrock, telecommunications ISP/ADSL manager at Quadtel.