Integrator launches JD Edwards user group

New group aims to help educate clients within the property and construction market

JD Edwards partner and integrator, Ndevr, is sponsoring the launch of the first local JD Edwards Special Interest User Group (SUIG). The group will be specifically aimed at the property and construction market sector.

Ndevr CEO, Maureen Clifford, said it had been talking to clients in the property management and construction sector about forming the group for the past year.

"Working with each client, we can see they all have common issues," she said.

"We have participated in interest groups covering other areas in the past and see the great benefits customers can reap from getting together, networking and discussing these issues."

Clifford said the discussion groups would also be able to help educate clients around product upgrades and new legislative requirements they needed to meet.

"Sharing specific experiences and information just for that industry is really important for them," she said. "A lot of clients will learn from each other. Oracle has put out a lot of new technologies and updated releases, so it is a really good opportunity for clients on old releases to hear from news clients about how this new functionality is helping them."

The first meeting is scheduled to kick off at the end of April. Ndevr will sponsor the meetings for the next year.