After Hours: Fortinet country manager, Charlie Cote

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE...I'm a big fan of Dan Brown, Dean Koontz and John Grisham - anything that enables me to escape for a little while and keeps my mind running. My top two movies would be The Departed and Good Will Hunting. But I'm more into watching Disney today due to my three-and-a-half-year-old.
IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE ...I'd visit South Africa and go on a safari.
IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB ...I would love to own my own restaurant. I love cooking and enjoying wine with friends and family. Although when I was in the US, I was a damn good giant slalom skier.
THE PERSON I MOST ADMIRE ...would have to be my father, who was my inspiration and hero. It took me some time to understand what a super person he was - always open to listen, and such an approachable individual. If I can be half the man he was, I think I will be a successful and fulfilled father and person.
I REALLY HATE ...rudeness. Life is too short and we often don't stop to appreciate the little things. I really hate it when shallow people pre-judge others and are just plain rude. I have no time for people like that.