What's New: the latest products for the week commencing February 20, 2008

Power Shield New Centurion
Power Shield's new online double-conversion UPS has been developed specifically for Australian conditions. The vendor claims one major issue for local users is the number of surges and spikes inherent on the Australian electricity grid. To address this, the New Centurion UPS has increased surge protection, and a higher rating (720 joules) than any other UPS in the true online double-conversion class, Power Shield said. True online double-conversion UPS is designed to isolate the input, convert it from AC to DC, then back to AC to feed equipment with pure power. According to Power Shield, electricity that is not 'clean' may harm equipment, causing it to work inefficiently and become prone to premature breakdown. In addition to the increased surge rating, the New Centurion has Australian outlets, an LCD display and a twoyear warranty which covers batteries.
Distributed by XiT, AFC Group, PLE Computers, Ikon Systems, Impact Systems, Grove Communications, Pacific Communications and Altronics.
RRP: price on application

APC Symmetra PX
APC's Symmetra PX 160kW UPS system with optional integrated modular power distribution units (PDU) is designed to provide high levels of power and longer life batteries in an integrated battery/bypass/distribution rack. The Symmetra PX offers a fully modular system made up of dedicated and redundant modules - power, intelligence, battery and bypass - engineered to make service easy and efficient, APC claims. The architecture also eliminates waste and lowers overall TCO by giving IT managers the ability to right-size power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. The Symmetra PX system features self-diagnostic capabilities and standardized modules for mitigating the risk of human error, resulting in a more reliable datacentre, according to APC. The unit offers the same core attributes of the existing Symmetra PX family, such as redundancy and scalability, higher power density and hot-swappable modular power distribution.
Distributed by Express Data and DPSA.
RRP: price upon application

Emerson Liebert NXf
This UPS aims to optimise power load handling and ensure critical continuity for IT infrastructure in small datacentres, telephony facilities, banks and shopping precincts. Emergency lighting systems can also be protected, offering very high safety standards. Available in 10, 15 and 20kVA power ratings, the solution features online double-conversion technology to control the whole supply system through real-time digital signal processors (DSP). Other technical features include an inverter with full-digital control technology, the ability to supply loads with capacitive power factor without downrating, and low noise levels (below 55dB). An input power factor of 0.99 reduces running costs, while a built-in IGBT rectifier ensures low harmonic rejection of below three per cent, avoiding UPS interference with other sensitive instrumentation. The IGBT Inverter can also handle non-linear, 100 per cent unbalanced loads during power supply phase. Up to six NXf units can run in parallel.
Distributed by LAN Systems and J Mills Distribution.
RRP: $9000

Powerware BladeUPS
This three-phase system is designed to lower energy costs while delivering scaleable and flexible power protection architecture for datacenters and IT environments. The Powerware BladeUPS features 12kW in a 6U form factor. In addition to cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint, the vendor claims its new UPS offers high system efficiency that extends battery run times and produces cooler operating conditions. This also lengthens the life of components, increasing reliability and performance, the vendor said. The Powerware BladeUPS has been built to reduce overall air conditioning requirements by more than one-third, which compounds savings in cooling as datacentre sizes increase. It also accommodates new technologies such as 1U, 2U and blade server deployments. Users can expand a Powerware BladeUPS implementation from 12kW to 60kW in a single 19-inch enclosure by plugging in parallel modules.
Distributed by Natural Power Solutions and PowerOn.
RRP: from $18,500

HP 3 Phase UPS HP claims its 3 Phase UPS (R8000, R12000 and R36000) provides high quality protection for blade systems and high density environments for SMB, enterprise, corporate and public sector customers. Crowded datacenters and racks fully populated with storage devices, monitors, servers, communications devices and other equipment are driving increased UPS density, redundancy, efficiency and flexibility, HP said. This rack-mountable 3 Phase UPS offers up to 12,000 watts of power in a 6U rack form factor, or 2kW per U space. The R8000/3 and R12000/3 units use digital signal processing and an online, on-demand hybrid technology to answer demands for increased power density and power efficiency. The 3 Phase UPS is bundled with HP's Rack and Power Management software and supported by option cards and Extended Runtime Modules (ERMs) that add networking capabilities and load segmentation while increasing system backup time.
Distributed by Avnet, Dicker Data and Ingram Micro.
RRP: from $13,490

Rittal PMC200
Rittal's latest three-phase UPS has an efficiency rate of 96 per cent at full load and over 95 per cent for partial loads. Its high power density capabilities provide up to 200kW per rack or 250kW/sqm of floor space. The modular, transformer-less system can be equipped with a maximum of five UPS modules of 8kW-40kW each. The modular set-up also lets users boost power while the UPS is still online. Thanks to the reduction in weight, most modules can now be installed and removed by one person. In the past UPS systems were manufactured to deliver maximum output at a lagging power factor of 0.8. With the advent of technologies such as blade servers, electrical loads have shifted from a lagging to a leading power factor, Rittal said. This results in a potential de-rating of a traditional UPS. The PMC200 has been designed to accommodate this shift and provides maximum output for electrical loads between 0.9 leading and 0.8 lagging power factor, Rittal claims.
Distributed by Rittal.
RRP: from $25,000