After Hours: Avnet marketing director, Michael Costigan

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE ...I have always been a Stephen King fan, and The Green Mile was perhaps one of his best. John Coffey was an amazing character. Through him we are able to get a window into the psyche, both from a good and evil perspective.

IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE'd be Currumbin in Queensland. I was brought up on the beachfront at Currumbin; as a child I spent endless hours surfi ng and enjoying the sights and sounds of coastal life. It is a dream of mine to return someday to God's chosen state.

IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB ...I would be playing drums in a rock band, preferably either for Radio Birdman or the Ramones. I was into the drums while at school but let it go when I went to university.

THE PERSON I MOST ADMIRE my wife and three children - and, of course, the Avnet team!

I REALLY HATE ...when NSW wins the State of Origin and when the Kiwis beat Australia in the rugby.