Palm partners for enterprise rollouts

Recognising the need for system integrators in successful handheld adoption at the enterprise level, Palm has partnered with global players PwC Consulting, CSC and IBM Global Services as part of its Enterprise Alliance Program (EAP).

The program is an Asia-Pacific initiative aimed at bringing integrated handheld solutions based on the Palm OS into the enterprise space. Palm dominates the retail PDA market, but its enterprise offerings face strong competition from Windows products. The vendor hopes the consistency of its platform and standards-based hardware will help it maintain and build market share.

For EAP partners, Palm will provide the training, roadmaps and joint sales and marketing activity.

PwC Consulting partner Fred Balboni said he believed the power of wireless is beginning to come into fruition in the handheld market.

"This year PwC will be doing more than $100 million in consulting and integration work in mobile applications around the world. This isn't toy stuff anymore."

In Australia, PwC has dedicated a Web development contingent to wireless solutions known as Determinate.

"The action is clearly at the device level," Balboni said. "To that end, the value proposition driving mobile computing is cost reduction. It's not revenue, it's not greater sales. We have done a lot of research and without doubt the two greatest applications are in the mobile field force and sales people. This is in stark contrast to the knowledge worker."