Tegatech takes on Avox UMPCs

Tegatech observes strong UMPC uptake in government and large corporate segments

Ultramobile (UMPC) distributor, Tegatech, has beefed up its specialist hardware portfolio , signing an exclusive arrangement with Taiwanese Hybrinx Technology division, Ruvo.

Ruvo manufactures notebooks and digital gadgets. Tegatech principal, Hugo Ortega, said that although the arrangement covered Ruvo's full range, Tegatech would initially stick to distributing the Ruvo Avox UMPC. It is priced at $1199 and features a 6.5-inch touchscreen, 1.2GHz processor, and 30GB hard drive.

"They fit our line well at the price point as an inexpensive, large-screen UMPC with integrated keyboard," Ortega said.

Tegatech will target vertical market specialists. Ortega said UMPCs were especially popular with mining, home valuation, mobile sales and medical sectors.

Despite predictions that UMPCs won't gain widespread appeal, Tegatech continued to observe strong growth, Ortega said.

Sales had grown 40 per cent each fiscal year, he said. UMPC sales were now outstripping tablet PC sales 60-40.

"Users are finding avenues of use for UMPCs now. Our resellers are finding good uptake with government and major corporations, which suggests those customers are past the trial stage of the technology," Ortega said.