ComputerCorp manages Telstra clients

The ASX-listed integrator will provide logistics, supply chain management and hardware solutions

ComputerCorp has signed a three-year managed services contract with Telstra for an undisclosed sum.

ComputerCorp eastern regional sales manager, Tony Heywood, said the ASX-listed integrator (ASX: CZP) worked closely with Telstra to build service level agreements (SLAs). The partnership sees ComputerCorp provide hardware solutions, logistics and supply chain management in Australia as well as abroad.

"They needed a really tight delivery on SLAs. We are working with Telstra to smooth out their supply chain and assist them with some of their corporate customers," he said. "They have got customers that require goods and services to be delivered in order for their business continuity to be maintained."

Heywood said the renewed contract reinforced the company's direction of looking for annuity revenue streams. The two companies have been working together for five years.

"It's a good business for us to be in because it allows us to develop a very strategic relationship with Telstra," he said.

Due to the new contract and its impending merger with Leading Solutions (, the company would add extra sales resources to its Telstra team, Heywood said. ComputerCorp employs more than 200 staff nationally.