Computer World gets sold

Computer World's website, customer database, phone numbers and logo has been sold for an undisclosed sum.

The Victorian reseller chain went into voluntary administration in October. It owed more than $4.5 million to secured and unsecured creditors. The company's demise was attributed to trading losses and about $800,000 worth of stolen stock.

New owner, Dean Oehlmann, said it would continue to trade under the Computer World brand, but move more towards an online sales model rather than maintain physical locations. "Despite the fact that Computer World ended up with a bad name with suppliers, it certainly had a great name within retail," he said. "It had a fantastic Web presence and an excellent customised front and back-end business. Computer World is a fantastic website and it gets a lot of Google hits."

The company's Dandenong premises has been closed and relocated to Melbourne.

Computer World general manager, Hasan Yuvarajah, has been hired on a contract basis to help with transferring the website to the new location. Oehlmann said he would spend a lot of time building up Computer World's corporate side. The online site will be selling notebooks, desktop PCs, LCD screens and computer accessories.

"My background is in chemical engineering and when I was putting in a new plant or a new site, there was a reasonable requirement for notebooks or a dozen computers," he said. "I had been doing that in a medium to small way and this just fits in nicely."