Centennial Software provides software asset management training

Program aims to skill up consultants and improve return on investment

Security management vendor, Centennial Software, has launched a software asset management training program.

Asia Pacific regional manager, Howard Waterson, said the value-added training program conformed to the latest software asset management standard and was targeted towards partners with consultants.

"IT asset management tools, such as hardware, software and network devices are very comprehensive," he said.

"The value-added training program targets consultants to CIOs to help them understand how IT asset auditing is used on a continuous basis to manage their portfolio. They can do budgeting and major project planning for the coming year, saving labour."

Waterson said the training program covered areas such as security, project management, financials, program office and service management helpdesks. The instructor-led training program also involved e-training material.

Centennial Software had released a SAM.suite that aims to help organisations reduce IT expenditure through fewer software purchases, achieving license compliance and improving IT planning and management by tracking the status of recently-deployed assets, he said.

To become take part in the training program, dealers must belong to Centennial Software's enablement partner program, which has about 10 partners in Australia and NZ.

"We have expanded from supplying enablement training programs, sales briefings and technical training to value-added training, which is targeted at matching the business deliverables of the product to the end user," Waterson said. "It's about making sure that, in the long run, people who invest in our software can actually maximise the use and have access to this skill.

"There are huge business benefits involved with significant return on investments that consultants can deliver to users."