Sybase goes on a partner recruitment spree

Vendor looks to strengthen its BI, mobility and RFID partner base

Enterprise software vendor, Sybase, is seeking to expand its partner base to grow take-up of its RFID, enterprise and mobility products.

Channels and alliances director, Stephen Dolan, said it increased its focus on business intelligence over the past few months and wanted to attract partners with skills around data warehouse architecture and consulting to drive sales of its Sybase IQ product. The optimised analytics server provides extract, transform and load (ETL) functionality.

Sybase currently has 110 partners. Dolan said he would like to add more to specifically address business intelligence and RFID. He was also searching for mobility partners with know-how connecting mobile devices, such as a PDA or laptop, into enterprise systems.

"We are looking for partners with particular expertise in those areas because they are going to make effective use of IQ as a platform for the data warehouse database," he said. "Ideal partners are those that have the ability to leverage the IQ database around business intelligence reporting."

Dolan claimed a lot of vendors failed to effectively communicate their requirements, strategy, programs and market direction to a potential partner.

"We are aiming to ensure partners are as successful as we can make them. The better we do that, the more competitive we are going to be in the market place and in attracting partners," he said.