After Hours: APC country general manager, Gordon Makryllos

ARN interviews APC country general manager, Gordon Makryllos.

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE Lord of the Rings. I discovered J. R. R. Tolkien while at university studying electrical engineering and fell in love with the writing style and imagination and went on to read his other books. The movie version by Peter Jackson is now my favourite movie.
IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE ...I would like to float down the five rivers that scholars cite as being possible sites for the Cradle of Civilization. I am a history buff and my ambition is visit the Tigris-Euphrates in modern-day Iraq, the Halil Rud in modern-day Iran, the Nile in Africa, the Indus in South Asia, and the Huang-He-Yangtze in China.
IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB ...I would have gone into the movie business as a director. This was my high school ambition, but instead I followed my parent's advice and did something sensible first.
THE PEOPLE I MOST ADMIRE...are those in professions such as teaching, nursing, policing, volunteering, etc. These people add significant value to our community and make it possible for us to enjoy the relative benefits of our society.
I REALLY HATE ...dealing with people I cannot trust. The business community largely consists of people with a high level of integrity and ethics. Very rarely do I come across an individual who says one thing and then deliberately does something totally the opposite. Trust is everything in our business.