ARN chief forms distribution company

The new Securus business will focus on niche security offerings

The local head of consultant firm,, has formed a new company focused on distributing niche security products.

Securus Solutions was launched by general manager of Security-Assessment Asia-Pacific, Drazen Drazic, last month. He said Securus had been in the pipeline for more than a year. Unlike, which acts as an independent consulting advisory assessment firm, Securus is positioned as a products supplier.

"Over a period of time, Security-Assessment has built a global reputation with our research and work. We get a lot of people contacting us and asking us to front their products. And there has been some really good products [on offer]," he said. "We have always said 'no it doesn't fit the Security-Assessment model; we don't do it that way'.

However, Drazic said there was plenty of quality product that was not being represented in A/NZ.

For now, Drazic is presiding over both companies but he hopes to appoint an independent CEO to look over Securus later this year. Until then there will be a crossover of staff.

"I don't think there will be any conflict issues because we are going to be careful to manage that, but we are also being open with our client base by explaining who Securus Solutions is and how it will become its own independent entity," he said. "Hopefully, in a few months time, that won't be a concern."

One of Securus' first clients is Crosscheck Networks, which provides SOA Testing products. Securus is bringing the vendor's diagnostic tool, SOAPSonar, to market in Australia and New Zealand. It will also distribute products from Safend and Acunetix.