Truscott finds a better Betta

Retailer switches to Retravision buying group

Recently acquired electronics retail network, Truscott Hi-Fi, has discontinued its buying relationship with Betta Stores to purchase from the Retravision buying group.

Truscott Hi-Fi - a network of seven electrical stores in South Australia, which was sold to the Starrs family in November, was once a subsidiary of Betta Stores Limited. Truscott was sold off separately from BSL when the parent became embroiled in financial difficulties and placed in administration last year.

Dr Christopher Starrs said he had decided to discontinue buying from Betta Stores Retail - the group of former franchisees that bought out BSL in October 2006 - to align instead with Retravision (WA/SA/NT).

"We valued our relationship with [Betta Stores Retail CEO], Ian Brown, but we did not like the way we were treated by other elements of his group," he said.

Starrs claimed the Retravision buying group had revealed it had competitive if not better buying prices than Betta, more powerful and transparent accounting, an improved IT system and a warehousing facility conveniently located in Adelaide.

"[Retravision] have provided the opportunity to collaborate with them in expanding the Truscott brand," Starrs said.

The Truscott business was otherwise travelling very soundly, he said.

"[The business is] gaining market share each month, profitable from day one, and all stores performing well."

Starr now plans on expanding the business, promoting the Truscott brand through some ignificant high profile activities later in the year.