L7 beefs up data management

Perth-based integrator, L7 Solutions, has been selected to join the EMC Velocity Partner program.

Managing director, Matt Sullivan, said it was a missing link in its business. The company had not previously chosen a data management platform.

"It's always been our intention that when we choose a vendor partner, we would go narrow and deep and try to make that direct connection," he said. "From a strategic point of view, you get a lot more value and you can exclusively engage in a particular technology platform.

"It means our integration team is capable of larger implementations and it is also helping us move more into the enterprise market in WA."

To become a part of the program, Sullivan said it had about 12 of its 60 staff trained up across sales, support and implementation.

"All of our sales team went through fairly stringent and structured training across the entire EMC product range, which is very extensive," he said.

L7 also has a direct vendor relationship with Cisco and is a Microsoft Gold partner. Sullivan said he expected to triple its total sales this year due to the infrastructure boom in Perth. Since its decision to start working with EMC in September, Sullivan said L7 had landed eight large customer storage opportunities including Burswood, Smith Coffey, Impex and TL Engineering. Going forward, he expected EMC would represent about 25 per cent of L7's products business and about 20 per cent of services.

Sullivan said about 60 per cent of its business was focused on the enterprise and government sector.