Ziova seeks national distributor

Vendor wants to focus on international market

SA-based home electronics vendor, Ziova, is looking for an exclusive distributor to carry its Clearstream network media players.

General manager, Greg Birch, said it was after a national distributor that played in both the IT and AV market. Ideally, it would also cover New Zealand.

The Clearstream players come in two versions - with or without a DVD tray - and use HDMI to link to a digital TV via a single cable to provide standard, enhanced or high-definition video. They can also play a range of video and audio formats. Wired or wireless networks can be used to link PCs to the home theatre system.

Birch said the company wanted to concentrate on the global market and found it tricky to manage local distribution while focusing on OEM and global brand sales.

"The line between these two IT and AV markets is becoming thinner and thinner and we would like someone that has expertise in both fields," he said. Birch anticipated more products would be launched in the second half of the year, but could not disclose details.

"This genre is seeing intense competition now. This product will enable resellers to get into this field with a developed product," he said.

Ziova was formally known as Zensonic. It changed name last year as it moved into international territories to avoid potential trademark issues.