Eureka signs up CalDigit

Californian storage company looks to Eureka to push its storage products into Australia

Digital media and storage wholesaler, Eureka Pacific, has snared the distribution rights to CalDigit, a manufacturer of FireWire and SATA II RAID-based products.

Eureka CEO, Alexei Mazin, said the CalDigit products, such as its high-definition SATA RAID drives and 3Gbps video capture cards, would be targeted at the creative market incorporating video editors and photographers.

"If you imagine photographers shooting RAW files, those files are huge. These drives move that data quickly," he said.

Similar to the FirmTek range of SATA drives which Eureka already distributes, CalDigit products support both Mac and Windows platforms. Mazin said the products would most likely resonate with Mac users.

"These products work with the Mac market because of its [creative] focus. A lot of creative types of people have swung to the Mac platform again ... and that Apple channel is well established for us," he said.