NetPro allows end users to help themselves; consolidates AD reporting

NetPro products give users control of their passwords, and admins the ability to centralize and consolidate Active Directory reporting

I've got two new products to tell you about today both of which should ease network managers' headaches - you could call them (late) Christmas presents, but you have to buy them for yourself.

NetPro has updated its Active Directory Administration Suite by adding two modules. The first is SelfServiceADmin which should reduce help desk calls by enabling secure self-service password administration by end users.

This low-cost (approximately US$3 per user), Web-based product allows end users to reset their own passwords and unlock their accounts without calling the help desk and without impacting the overall security of the environment. It integrates auditing and activity tracking and provides immediate notification of password reset results, so you know who is resetting their password, and you know it when they do it which allows you to keep a close eye on the security and compliance of the network while freeing up your staff to take on more critical tasks.

Among the key features of SelfServiceADmin are that it:

  • Enables flexible challenge/response policies for domains and users.
  • Offers flexible domain and user profiles.
  • Integrates auditing and activity tracking.
  • Provides immediate notification for successful/unsuccessful events.
  • Delivers capabilities through powerful Web-based interface.

Get more details at NetPro's site and sign up for a free evaluation.

Even more recently added to NetPro's Active Directory Administration Suite is ReportADmin, a snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to centralize and consolidate Active Directory reporting. The new module is intended to end reliance on scripting and other time-consuming reporting tasks by enabling automated delivery of audit and security information to management and internal auditors on pre-defined schedules to ensure compliance. This module will go for around US$5 per user, but more detail available at NetPro's Web site.

Among the many features of this next generation reporting tool are that it:

  • Enables custom report creation, including: Any Active Directory object and attribute, including custom attributes, entire forest, specific subtree or specific object
  • Features both live and historical reporting capabilities.
  • Provides flexible report scheduling.
  • Integrates Web-based subscription services.
  • Offers extensive built-in reporting library, including: Domain password policy, current users and settings, disabled users, inactive users, locked out users, accounts that never expire, group memberships, users not logged in "X" days * Features intuitive reporting wizards.

It sounds like a real handy tool on its own, but should be dynamite along with the rest of the suite. Check them out today.