Study: Ethernet switch sales jump in third quarter

Dell'Oro Group reports worldwide revenue for the Ethernet switch market hit US$4.3 billion in third quarter

The Ethernet switch market surged in the third quarter, with US$4.3 billion in worldwide revenue -- a 16 percent jump from both the previous quarter and the comparable period last year, a new Dell'Oro Group report says.

Dell'Oro says increased shipments of advanced Ethernet switch technologies -- such as power over Ethernet (PoE), Layer 4-7 switching and 10G Ethernet -- drove up worldwide LAN switch sales. The third quarter also saw HP's ProCurve products outsell Nortel's Ethernet gear, elevating HP to the No. 2 spot in worldwide revenue.

The 8.1 million PoE LAN switch ports shipped in the third quarter almost doubled the amount shipped over the same period a year ago, Dell'Oro says. Enterprises are using PoE-capable LAN switches to power IP telephones and wireless LAN access points as companies continue to roll out large deployments of these technologies, Dell'Oro says. Shipments of PoE gear were also up 25 percent over the second quarter, the research company adds.

According to Dell'Oro, the top five Ethernet switch vendors by revenue were: Cisco, HP ProCurve, Nortel, Foundry and 3Com.