Gartner predicts steady PC market growth

A stable local PC market will experience mid-single-digit annual growth during the next four years, according to industry research firm, Gartner.

Although less impressive than the Asia-Pacific rate of 16.6 per cent during the same period, PC analyst, Andy Woo, said the figures must be kept in perspective.

"Australia is a mature and developed market," he said. "We can't expect the same growth as emerging markets in the region such as China and India. Having said that, we're still maintaining steady growth despite years of maturity and saturation."

While businesses were generally holding onto hardware for longer, Woo said an upgrade was becoming unavoidable for many.

"If they hold onto PCs much longer they will become a higher expense," he said. "They need to look at things like virtualisation, dual-core technologies and [Intel's] vPro."

Although box builders have seen their market share whittled away by multinational competitors, Woo said they still had an important role to play.

"At the end of the day, whitebox is a tough market but there's still a strong demand for local assemblers," he said. "I think the field has certainly narrowed between multinationals and whitebox. But if you look beyond price, locals still offer greater flexibility and customer service."