Partners offers finance NewLease

Software licensing distributor, NewLease, has joined forces with financing agent, Alleasing, to allow resellers to bundle software licensing, hardware and services under a single leasing contract.

NewLease COO, Dawn Edmonds, said the deal would apply to any of its pay-as-you-go Microsoft business software licenses.

The problem with existing rental agreements packaging hardware and software was that they breached traditional licensing agreements, Edmonds said. The new deal legitimised the on-sell of pay-as-you-go software with hardware via a financing arrangement. She claimed it was a world first.

While the distributor's partners were predominantly integrators and applications hosting providers, Edmonds said Alleasing maintained a hardware-based channel.

The new deal would give traditional hardware dealers the ability to break out of box moving into a monthly service model, Edmonds said. Resellers could compile a customer contract including software, hardware and additional services, including maintenance and support, using templates available via the Alleasing Web portal.

"We believe software-as-a-service is the way of future software delivery," she said. "This is a step in the right direction for [hardware] resellers."

NewLease is currently working on expanding the leasing arrangement to encompass software from security vendor, Trend Micro, and new licensing monitor software from ActivAeon.