BCA chief bolts

Former Lend Lease mover and shaker, Drew Le Grande has unexpectedly abdicated the top job at BCA only months after taking the throne.

Fully Australian-owned, BCA is the top tier one PC reseller in Australia with revenues of over $150 million.

Lee Grande came from Lend Lease last year as the successor to long serving managing director, Andrew Carter. Carter had stepped down to assume a "non-executive" role within the company according to Louis Vellious, BCA's national marketing manager.

However, BCA staff were recently informed by company board members that Le Grande had handed in his resignation and left the company with no apparent forwarding address.

"We don't know where he's gone," Vellious said.

Carter is now back at the helm, a position which he had previously occupied for over 10 years of BCA's 14 year history.

Le Grande's departure poses no serious threat to the long-term future of the company, according to Vellious.

Growth over the last 12 months has seen the company move up to become the top reseller in Australia. BCA has also added an additional 3O staff over the last three months bringing its total workforce to 200. The company also opened an office in Brisbane earlier this year to cope with rapid business growth.

Vellious said that BCA is anticipating a good year this year with a number of major corporate accounts with "big name companies" about to bear fruit.