Slew of App Servers Hits the Streets

Several application servers will be released in the next few weeks from Persistence, Progress and Forte, among others.

The new and upgraded servers, and accompanying toolsets, will join the recent releases from Sybase and Inprise.

Next week, Persistence will deliver PowerTier for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). Designed for high-end finances, telecommunications, and biotechnology, it offers rapid development of OLTP applications and container-managed persistence.

PowerTier for EJB is now available on Windows NT and Sun Solaris platforms and, within one month, will be available on HP-UX and AIX, with development licenses starting at a price of $US5,000 per developer, and deployment licenses priced at $US10,000 per server.

Progress Software soon will launch its next Apptivity with links to enterprise-resource-planning interfaces and support for EJB.

Later this month, Forte will license Sun Microsystems' Java tools and integrate them within the Forte Application Environment.

Inprise, at its ICON '98 user event in Denver, announced that the Inprise Application Server will arrive by year's end as an EJB-enabled integrated suite of enterprise middleware and development tools, including the VisiBroker Integrated Transaction Service.