ARN launches AppExchange OEM Edition

Spreading its tentacles in ever more directions, has announced a new service dubbed AppExchange OEM Edition. The OEM version of the AppExchange service will allow non-CRM on-demand service providers to use the platform.

Extending its technology beyond CRM will most likely reinforce the growing acceptance of the on-demand delivery model say most industry watchers.

The OEM edition will allow third-party SaaS providers to leverage the core aspects of the platform including the operating system, customisation tools, Web Service APIs, workflow, and logic, according to vice-president of product marketing, Kendall Collins.

A real estate management ISV building, for example, could use the Salesforce dashboard and customise it for real estate rather than building its own dashboard.

"Instead of a dashboard focused on sales opportunities, it might be focused on foreclosures," Collins said.

AppExchange OEM Edition users will be responsible for pricing and availability of their solutions.