Firewall Systems lands CipherTrust distro deal

Firewall Systems has secured the rights to distribute the products of CipherTrust, a US based messaging security vendor.

Firewall Systems marketing director, Nick Verykios, said the distie had been in discussion with CipherTrust for the past two years.

"Our engineers saw it as a top end technology [provider]," Verykios said.

Firewall's customers -- integrators, outsourcers and resellers - recognised the CipherTrust brand and products, he said, but had to deal with end-user customers wary of investing in a company which did not have local support.

That changed when CipherTrust appointed Bob Jones as its regional sales manager. Jones, who previously helped launch Packeteer in 1998, opened a Sydney office in February.

"With the opening of the local office, CipherTrust now meets all our mandatory business criteria: technology leader, well supported on the ground, and protecting the channel," Verykios said.

Firewall Systems is CipherTrust's sole distributor in Australia.

CipherTrust's flagship product, IronMail, protects networks from spam, viruses or hacks. A feature in IronMail called Connection Control uses a reputation database the company calls TrustedSource to rate IP addresses of email senders, for either sending no spam, sending lots of spam, or sending some spam, based on recent activity monitored by CipherTrust's global network of spam collectors. Connection Control then either rejects connection attempts from known spammers for a designated period or accepts their connections.

The company's IronNet product is a gateway appliance designed to enforce compliance and prevent information leaks by filtering outbound HTTP and FTP traffic. IronMail Edge can be used to block the spam messages a customer receives at the edge of the network.

Although a strong brand in the US, the company comes up against competitors with an established presence in Australia. These include IronPort and Symantec.

"We have a good reputation technically," Jones said, commenting on the company's relative unfamiliarity in Australia.

"Most people are concerned about technology without a local presence. So having local support is a key element to driving our business and having it take off in this part of the world."

Jones said Australia was about two years behind the US in messaging security.

An insight into the market will be provided next weekend at the AusCERT conference on the Gold Coast when CipherTrust vice-president of strategic development, Dr Phyllis Schneck, will speak about the challenges and solutions in securing global messaging.