Yellow Machine provides resellers access to SMBs

A new storage device by US-based start up, Anthology Solutions, will provide new opportunities both its distributors and resellers in the SMB storage market.

The device, called Yellow Machine provides at least 1TB of storage, plus four RAID drives, backup software (Retrospect), a firewall, switch, 8 port router and UPS connectivity.

Despite only starting up Australian operations last year, it has a profile because it is run by former AMD country manager John Robinson.

Since taking on the job mid-last year Robinson has signed up Cradle Technologies and more Tecksel in January to push the product.

However, the paths taken by the two distributors will be slightly different.

Tecksel has already begun educating its resellers - 60 attended a technical information session last week.

Initial reaction from Tecksel's resellers was favourable, NSW sales manager for Tecksel, Phil Tarbox, said.

"We believe with Yellow Machine we have a best of breed technology here," he said.

"A lot of our dealers focus on the SMB market and see this product will fit in here."

The key for the resellers is the add-on sales.

Tarbox said the product nicely allows resellers to attach other hardware such as a Netgear wireless access point or UPS' to the sales, thus boosting margins.

Cradle CEO, Dez Blanchfield, said the Yellow Machine provided the company with a totally new market segment.

Traditionally, the company's storage solutions have focused on the enterprise with partners like CSC and IBM GSA.

"Desperately lacking [solutions] was the 5 to 30 seat environment," Blanchfield said. "This market was desperately in need of help. We went looking for partners and eight months ago found Anthology."

Since then Blanchfield has taken the product to the streets.

"We do distribute the product, but our preference is to provide an end to end solution," he said.

The margins were a lot more attractive when a level of value added service was provided, Blanchfield said. Typically, this included selling the Yellow Machine box, a UPS, on-site install and some integration, training, on site parts and labour, and extended 1-, 2- and 3-year warranty.

Version 3.0 of the box will ship in mid-March. However, an enterprise and rack mounted version will come later in the year.

"That's when it will get interesting," Blanchfield said. "When it gets more legs we will get an even wider market share."