All hail the maestro

Local Media Center specialist, Altech Computers, has sectioned off a piece of its stand this year to push its range of Maestro home entertainment PCs.

"We have created a lounge room area so people can get a feel for how this equipment fits into the home entertainment environment," national sales manager, Kevin Hartin, said. "In the past we have been geared to trade shows but this is a consumer event so we wanted to give Maestro its own area and help build its identity."

The display will include its Pentium D powered Maestro Pro 2 as well as a couple of new products - the Maestro Ultima, a high-end Media Center machine built on a Silverstone chassis complete with 17-inch LCD touchscreen and 1.2TB of storage; and the Shuttle M1000, a Pentium M slim form factor model aimed at the style conscious.

Altech will also give consumers a peek into the not too distant future with an mCubed chassis running an AMD CPU and motherboard to create a silent PC with no moving parts except the drives.