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PowerPS-B; PowerVS-C

Opti Australia has released the PowerPS-B, a first line-interactive UPS with an LCD front panel to provide instant AC power and UPS information to users. The LCD provides voltages, frequencies of input and output power, battery capacity, as well as estimated backup time. The PowerPS-B employs Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology to fight off fluctuating voltages. The circuit breaker on the back of the UPS is popped back in after a surge of power occurs, thus avoiding the hassle of having to replace a blown fuse. With eight battery backup outlets available, along with Internet and phone line outlets, the PowerPS-B unit is capable of protecting even more equipment from only one system, according to the company. The PowerPS-B also provides a unique load shedding feature for users to cut off individual UPS outlet powers through software. The web-based Opti-Extreme software that is packaged with the PowerPS-B units is able to support a wide range of operating systems, including Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP/2003 Server, Novell Netware, FreeBSD, HPUX, IBM AIX, IBM OS/2, IRIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc, and Solaris X86 and is equipped with multi-language capability covering nine languages. Both serial and USB are available for flexible connectivity. PowerPS-B ranges from 1kva up to 3kva, rack mount models are also available. The company has also released the PowerVS-C unit, which protects even more equipment from only one system. The Web-based Opti-Extreme software that is packaged with the PowerVS-C units supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP/2003 Server, Novell Netware, Freebsd, HPUX, IBM AIX, IBM OS/2, IRIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc, and Solaris X86, and is equipped with multi-language capability covering nine languages. Opti-Extreme allows you to access online the information you need to monitor your valuable equipment from anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind and greater convenience. The product is distributed in Australia by Synnex.

RRP: The VS375C has an estimated street price of $145; the VS575C has an estimated street price of $159. The PowerVS-C series will be available in August from Synnex. The PS1000B costs $899, PS1500B — $1119, PS2200B — $2299, and PS3000B — $2799

Omniguard Rackmount UPS

Belkin has introduced the eight-socket OmniGuard Rackmount UPS targeted at the SME space. The UPS provides complete protection for servers, storage, networking, KVM, and other enterprise devices from damaging power fluctuations. It also allows end-users to monitor, control and shut down servers remotely via Internet Protocol. When paired with the Belkin Rackmount Surge Protector, the device offers a scalable and modular solution capable of expanding its protection bandwidth to accommodate the growing needs of the enterprise environment. The product cleans and conditions utility power with line interactive voltage regulation; this creates true, sine wave output and provides safe and continuous power. The product also provides built-in phone/modem protection, features convenient, swappable, front-access batteries, recharges rapidly (in as little as 2-5 hours) via independent battery chargers, and includes system management software with Web-based monitoring, and SNMP agent features for remote system management capability. The product supports Linux, SunSoft, Solaris, Windows NT, 95, 98, Me, XP, or 2000. It is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro.

RRP: $2299

Nikko Vanguard

M+H Power Systems has released a new range of high frequency, on-Line UPS Systems, dubbed the Nikko Vanguard. Features include, among others: high efficiency online, double conversion technology, and user programmable LCD display offering output voltage selection, input frequency selection, input voltage bypass level, generator mode, free running mode, high efficiency mode, load segmentation and manual bypass. The product offers cold start without mains, a battery saver feature (UPS idle mode), and a three-stage battery charger. It also offers Upsmon Plus computer monitoring and shutdown software (serial & USB), AS400, Network, WEB/SNMP and remote alarm capability, Australian three-pin outlet plugs (6 & 10kVA hardwired), and an EPO Port. For a list of distributors, contact

RRP: Prices for the Vanguard range, which consist of 11 modes, start at $1323 and range up to $10,925

Liebert PowerSure InterActive II

The Liebert PowerSure InterActive II (PSI II) range for A/NZ is available in 1000VA, 1440VA, 2200VA, and 3000VA capacities. The PSI II features improved line interactive technology with automatic voltage regulation, and replaces the successful PowerSure InterActive model, according to the company. The PSI II has all of the standard features of the PowerSure InterActive. Standard features include: line interactive design with true sinewave output; serial, network and USB communications; advanced early warning shutdown; minimum five minutes of battery backup time at full load; user configurable input voltage window; cold-start on battery; automatic battery self test; and remote UPS monitoring through SNMP/Web card. Additional features include: compact 2U package; more power outlets, with up to nine battery-backed UPS outlets offered, extended battery options available that will allow up to 2 hours UPS run time at full load, USB capability, Windows XP and Mac OS (10.2 or higher) certification, phone/data line protection, and re-settable input and output protection. The solution is ideal for server racks, telecom hubs, switches, routers and networking equipment; storage systems, and other sensitive equipment, according to the company. The product is distributed in Australia by Digiland (Australian East Coast); and J Mills Distribution (Australian West Coast).

RRP: From $1045

Cyclades AlterPath ACS

The AlterPath ACS line of advanced console servers provides secure remote access to data centre infrastructure from anywhere in the world. Leveraging open source software, the Alterpath ACS gives users the ability to customise their operation, and modify or add features as needed. Applications include the IP enablement of serial devices, and the communication and monitoring of UPS and environmental systems. The ACS line supported PCMCIA interface cards, and with an optional dual redundant power provided extra reliability to the console server ensuring availability during critical times, the company said. The product is available from Cyclades, XSI Solutions, and BTAS.

RRP: $618