Altech goes wireless with Jablotron

Altech Computers has boosted its security portfolio with a new range of wireless-based products from Czech vendor, Jablotron.

The hardware distributor will now carry about 40 of the company's devices, which include home security and automation systems.

According to security and surveillance manager, Aaron Steel, the deal represented a logical development of Altech's security and surveillance product lines.

"We are already doing CCTV and PVR products," he said. "With Jablotron we are expanding to include things like wireless accessible alarms."

Currently, the distributor carried security and surveillance products from Sony, Computar, Gantz, GeoVision and Sunkwang.

With Jablotron, Steel said Altech could offer resellers products capable of switching alarms or appliances and turning locks on or off using a GSM mobile phone.

"It's also a way for us to attract new partners like security system installers to widen our customer base," he added.