GetData chooses Lako Pacific for local sales

Local software vendor, GetData, has appointed Lako Pacific as the first Australian distributor of its recovery products.

GetData CEO, John Hunter, said the company didn't expect large sales because Australia currently generated just five per cent of its sales revenues. More than half came from the US.

"It's not going to be a huge impact," Hunter said. "For us it's more of a case of awareness because not many people know this product exists. If awareness and data continues to grow then the company goes with it. We will be one of the first data recovery products to enter the mainstream Australian market."

The product range to be released locally in September includes RecoverMyFiles, RecoverMyPhotos and BurnMyFiles.

Lako Pacific marketing manager, Eugene Wong, claimed the software was quite different to what was currently available in the marketplace because the developer had a background in police forensic investigations.

He also said the universal nature of the products meant they had a lot of potential in the broad PC market.

"Anybody can use this type of software to complement antivirus or firewall settings," he said.

As well as the US, GetData distributes its products in Japan, Germany, France and Austria. It is also looking to enter the UK market, according to Hunter.

"We haven't signed any distribution deals there yet but it's certainly on the list," he said. "We've also been thinking about China, but it's a harder market.

You can't sell a $100 product over there like you can here - you have to go in at a lower price."