Pacific teams with PBA for wireless

In a move to expand its reach in the wireless broadband market, Pacific Internet has announced a partnership with iBurst wholesaler, Personal Broadband Australia.

The ISP joins Optus, Chilli Internet Solutions and People Telecom as the latest in a slew of resellers to partner with PBA.

Pacific Internet general manager of marketing, Julie Cleeland Nicholls, said the addition of the iBurst product to its existing portfolio of fixed-wire telco services would solidify its position in the small to medium business market.

"They are the only wholesale wireless provider in Australia that can sufficiently service our customer's needs, with significant coverage in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Canberra," she said.

The ISP will sell the offering through its sales teams as well as its stable of 250 channel partners who are mainly focused on providing systems integration type services.

Developed by US company, Arraycomm, iBurst uses smart antenna technology to deliver IP-based Internet services across a 1.9GHz spectrum band. The PacNet Wireless Professional range offers speeds up to 1Mbps with different data options.

Depending on the plan selected, prices range from $29.95 to $199.95 per month, with a $64.50 set-up fee on a one-year contract.

Pacific Internet plans to have a launch offer including a discounted modem and possibly a reduced set-up fee but plans are still being finalised.