Motorola-brand TV effort goes nowhere

Plans to introduce a line of Motorola-brand TVs failed after a licensing agreement between Motorola and a Taiwanese company fell apart.

A licensing agreement between Motorola and Moxell Technology to introduce a range of Motorola-brand TVs collapsed last year over technical disagreements, according to an employee familiar with some aspects of the project.

Moxell displayed a line of Motorola-brand TVs at the Computex exhibition in June 2004 and announced plans to sell the flat-panel sets in the U.S. market.

At the time, Moxell had already begun selling the line of sets, which included models based on LCD (liquid crystal display) and PDP (plasma display panel) screens, in China, according to Wynn Yiu, executive vice president of the Taipei-based company, which is a subsidiary of Hong Kong's Proview International Holdings Yiu spoke with IDG News Service during an interview at Computex last year.

That agreement soon fell apart, and by the time the sets were introduced in the US in August 2004, they were sold under the brand of Proview Electronics, the Hong Kong-based parent company of Moxell, instead of the Motorola brand, according to Stella Chuang, a project manager at Proview's TV Product Marketing Division.

Moxell, which had been created by Proview to license the Motorola brand for the TV project, no longer exists, Chuang said.

Chuang said the deal likely fell apart because of "technical disagreements" but said she was not familiar with the exact details of what had transpired. "Only our big bosses know what happened," Chuang said, referring to Proview's senior management.

The failure of the Motorola project hasn't discouraged Proview from licensing another company's brands to use with its own products.

Proview is now preparing a line of LCD monitors that will be sold under the Xerox brand in the US, according to Roger Lin, product manager of the monitor project. The Xerox brand has been licensed from Xerox for use by Proview in the U.S. and Europe, he said.

Those monitors will be made available over the next few months, Lin said.